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[Thursday, September 28th, 2006  9:45pm]

i need help

i live in a dorm with my 2 chinese hamsters
and one is loose
we have searched for about half an hour now
no sign of him
there is a chance he got into the wall

how do i get him back???
i feel so terrible
inside a wall is a horrible place for him to live
i need him back

i have made piles of food around my room
what else can i do
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Shiro and Kikyo Moo-Cow [Tuesday, September 5th, 2006  11:36pm]

Hi everyone, i've been on here for a few months now and i don't think i've posted any pictures, or introduced my two hammmies. I have two syrians, a boy and a girl. I work at a pet shop which is great, but i fell in love with these two and ended up bringing my work home.

The first one i got was Shiro. I fell in love with his cute little face the moment he came to the shop and over the few weeks he was at the pet shop we seemed to bond. He sat waiting for me in the morning to feed him and i gave him the nickname Shiro which means white in Japanese. Well a few weeks passed and I just couldnt resist it anymore, i HAD to buy him!!!He is a black-eared white syrian hamster. He is 9 months old and was born on 8th December. This is when working at a pet shop becomes so useful. All our hamsters are 6 weeks old when we get them in, so i know the exact birthday of my hammies, which most people can only make a guess at, half the time the pet shop staff dont even know!

Anyway, the second one is Shiro's sister, Kikyo Moo-Cow came from the same litter that Shiro did,so she is also 9 months old, but her story is a little different. One morning while feeding all the hamsters at the shop i noticed one of her nails on her front paw was missing and the end of her toe was scabbed over. So, she got put into a quarantine cage in the office (where i eat my lunch) and i wouldn't let her go back up for sale until the nail showed some sign of growing back. During her time in the office i spent my lunch hour playing with her, she would wake up when she heard me come in and sit waiting for me to give her a bit of fruit from my lunch. She had the greatest character i've ever seen in a hamster. Her only downfall was she didnt like being handled and would do that horrible hamster scream that i'm sure some of you must know. This is where she got the nickname Moo-Cow, cuz she acted like a right cow. I persisted with her and eventually she stopped screaming and didnt seem to mind being handled by me. Several months passed and eventually the nail started growing back, so she got put back up for sale. By this time she was 5 months old and we had just had a new litter of baby hamsters a week previously. I showed her to everyone but they just wanted the little baby hammies and they said she was too big and ugly. A couple more weeks later and all the new babies had gone and yet she still remained. I felt sorry for her, as she protested and gave little hamster chuntering at anyone other than me handling her. So, I bought her! My mum didn't like the name Moo-Cow so i gave her the name Kikyo (named after kikyo from Inuyasha) for my mum and Moo-Cow for me. So, she ended up as Kikyo Moo-Cow

so last night my 2 syrians had their first proper photo shoot and heres the best ones.

Sorry for the long text, now here's the picsCollapse )

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Information Compilation [Tuesday, July 4th, 2006  12:06am]

Hey guys -

I could use everyone's help if possible. Please read my post here:


Basically, I am trying to compile as much info as possible on various small exotics, to make "care packets" for pet owners who adopt from my rescue. Any and all help would be stellar. <3 Please pass this on. The more voices, the more information.. The more informed people will be, and the happier my rescues will be in their new forever homes. <3

Pocket Companions Small Animal Rescue
San Diego County, California

(crossposted a little)
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Hello [Friday, May 19th, 2006  11:21pm]

Hello everyone, i'm new to this group. I currently own 2 syrian hamsters, 1 male and 1 female. They live separately, obviously being syrians they have to anyway.

My boy is called Shiro, heres a pic of him

PicciesCollapse )
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[Thursday, May 11th, 2006  10:35pm]


lemme out lemme out - my hamster trying to climb the plastic sides of her container

fall out hamster - she's running so fast that she falls out of the wheel

Also, I've asked about this curious sound/squeak that she makes when she scratches her ear, well here's a video of the noise she makes. She looks completely healthy so I'm not too worried, but the sound does sound funny (kinda like a squeaky tired) and she doesn't make that noise doing anything else.
ear squeak
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